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April 8, 2015

Council hears hospital update

By Chris Erickson

Updated plans from the regional hospital were the biggest item of interest during this past week’s regular meeting of the Beulah City Council.
Sakakawea Medical Center CEO Darrold Bertsch provided the update to councilors, noting that while the project had begun as a renovation and evolved into new construction, everything was moving forward.
“When we initially did our design and renovation facility the estimated cost that the architects came up with was around $20 million,” Bertsch said. “As numbers kept coming in more firmly and as we received the environmental study which identified some asbestos that cost went from $20 million to $25 million.”
Bertsch noted that with escalating costs, the hospital board elected to build a brand new facility for a slightly higher price tag than just a renovated facility. Once that decision was made the board reached out to other entities such as rural electric cooperatives and federal agencies on the likelihood of receiving low-interest loans or grants.

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