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April 22, 2015

Council hears mitigation plan

By Chris Erickson

Beulah’s city leadership heard a proposal to mitigate risk of damage from natural disasters early this week.
Emergency Manager Carmen Reed and representatives from Kadrmas, Lee and Jackson were on hand to discuss the mitigation plan that had been reviewed earlier this season. Carron Day and Andrew Thierolf said the five-year plan would help serve the area through varied natural weather events.
According to Day, the idea of the plan was put in place by FEMA. Day said that prior to 2002 the agency had only responded to disasters, but after that began asking local governments to take more steps to be proactive in their emergency management to “identify actions they could take to lessen impact to people and properties when hazards come.”
Those hazards included winter storms, summer storms, floods, drought, fire and hazardous materials. Day said the five-year mitigation plan would detail hazards, their different levels of likelihood, emergency response capabilities and training available.
Thierolf then went into some of the details within the plan, including Knife River flood mitigation, a siren on the north side of town and generators at emergency facilities including the Beulah Civic Center.

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