October 22, 2014

Council hears plant proposal

By Chris Erickson

Two topics took up a majority of the Beulah City Council’s discussion this past Monday when the council held its regular meeting.
Moore Engineering updated the Beulah City Council this week on options for upgrades for the aging water/wastewater plant in the city.
Kent Ritterman, of Moore Engineering, began by offering some background on the project, which stated in March of this year.
“We’re looking at what we can do that’s economical,” Ritterman said. “Generally speaking the plant has got capacity for the city, but it’s beyond its useful designed life.”
He noted that the portions of the plant dated back to the 70s and 80s, and required upgrades to valves, controls and moving mechanical parts, while the piping was still good. Looking ahead to future expansion the plan would call for a 1,550 gallon per minute plant to address the needs of a population of 4,500 people.
“That fits well with keeping things within the existing footprint,” he said, adding that further options would include combining cycles during an upgrade or upgrading everything at once.

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