August 20, 2014

Council hears public concerns over flooding

By Chris Erickson

The Beulah City Council heard from its largest crowd in quite some time early this week when about 20 residents came out after flash flooding affected the community over the weekend.
Calvin Wagner spoke first, noting his concerns about what the flooding - flash or not - would do to the city in the future. He noted that he was affected even though he didn’t live in a flood zone. Others in attendance stated the same - that runoff water and sewer backups had affected even those on Beulah’s north side.
“Ninety-nine point nine percent of mine was runoff water,” Wagner said. “The sewer design up there was full, just like everyone else. It got to a point in my basement where it was level with the floor drain. I have an emergency room in my basement that I’ve got sandbags in, and I had to use some of those to place over the drain.”
Wagner added that it had been reported that to the west there had been 8-10 inches of rain and that type of downpour would have made it difficult even for emergency responders to get around. Wagner also stated that he felt the storm sewers should be addressed so they didn’t affect residents or their homes, as his home was affected.


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