March 19, 2014

Council moves forward with three ordinances

Beulah’s City Council gained traction on three ordinances at this week’s meeting and also moved forward with new court software and future work with an engineering firm.
The ordinances had been waiting in the wings recently as the council waited to hear more input on language changes, specifically on Ordinance 408, which dealt with water and wastewater. With a nearly full council and most department heads present, the discussion was able to move forward.
Council vice president Clyde Schulz presided over the meeting due to Mayor Darrell Bjerke’s absence.
City Attorney Scott Solem brought up Ordinances 408, 409 and 410, each of which passed its second reading during the meeting. Water Plant Foreman Gary Neuberger was on hand to provide his perspective on Ordinance 408. Neuberger said if Beulah went to a metering program, that would solve a problem of whether to include meter seals. Neuberger asked if the fee structures proposed in the ordinance could be changed.
“There’s a $50 fee for water and a $50 for sewer, but there’s no way to shut sewer off,” Neuberger said. “So does that basically mean that we’re charging $100 for a reconnect?”
Solem responded that it would be one $50 fee, just for water.

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