September 18, 2013

Council opts to increase mills

Last week the Beulah City Councilors took a lengthy review of the proposed 2014 budget.
Mayor Darrell Bjerke noted at the beginning of the meeting that the council needed to keep in mind that the revenue and expenditures would have to be balanced in moving forward.
The value of mills has increased since last year, which would bring in an additional $65,000 even if the number of mills levied stayed the same. This year’s proposed revenues were at $4,078,610 and the proposed expenditures at $4,219,915, creating a shortfall of $141,305. Last year’s mill levy came in about 59.64 mills. In order to meet the shortfall the council would either have to find places to cut the budget or increase the mills.
Conversation about where to find the money first came up by Councilor Roger Gazur, who inquired about whether the Interstate Engineering portion of the budget and what the workload looked like for 2014. City Engineer Loren Daede responded that as of now the budget would likely run close to what it had for 2013.

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