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October 23, 2013

Council updated on building usage

City councilors in Beulah heard brief updates on the designated usage of a certain city building this week in a relatively quick meeting at city hall.
Council president Clyde Schulz ran the meeting due to the absence of Mayor Darrell Bjerke.
Schulz kicked off portfolio reports by reminding the councilors of a special meeting this Friday concerning special assessments.
Councilor Kathy Kelsch spoke about intended usage of the civic center, noting there had been an increased interest from multiple groups lately.
“When policy was established it didn’t include anything about serving alcohol there,” she stated. “When we went through the policy we included that with the assumption that it was okay. A question came up on whether or not restrictions had ever been in place on serving alcohol at the location. The concern is on the liability.”
Kelsch added that if the city were to be held liable for anything during events where alcohol was served, something would have had to go wrong on the city’s part. Kelsch then asked the council if anyone felt there was a conflict in opening up the civic center for events where alcohol was served versus letting private industry handle it. Councilor Roger Gazur noted that the city wasn’t in competition and allowing groups to utilize a city building and use alcohol after getting a permit was allowable.
City Attorney Scott Solem said he would typically defer issues such as this to the insurance carrier, who would determine if there was coverage for specific activities.
Solem also updated the council on the status of the city-owned buildings that had been damaged by juvenile vandals last year. Significant damage had been caused to a dump truck and storage building. One of the vandals had since turned 18, Solem noted, and had been ordered to pay restitution  to the city when the original criminal judgement was switched to a civil judgement.

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