July 12, 2017

Council urges seriousness of water usage

By Kate Johnson

“Ninety-nine percent of the Beulah population are doing a good job at adhering to our water restrictions,” stated Mayor Darrell Bjerke.
At the latest Beulah City Council meeting, Bjerke brought up for discussion the topic of water usage and how some people seem to think they don’t have to follow the rules the council set forward for the summer months.
The city has been under water restrictions for the last month, only allowing watering to occur on designated days. Odd house numbers are allowed to water Mondays and Thursdays, where even house numbers can water Tuesdays and Fridays. Absolutely no watering is allowed Wednesdays and over the weekends.
There had been talk amongst officials as to whether they should inflict some kind of penalty on those who are not following the rules set for watering. Councilman Brant Keller explained that it was already his understanding that they were going to contact offenders once or twice, and if they were to continue watering on days that weren’t their designated days, then they would turn their water off. Keller asked if they had turned off anyone’s water yet, which he was informed that they have not.


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