December 25, 2008

Count your blessings, each and every one

We’re often told, "Count your blessings." One by one each of us can count off the many blessings in life – family, friends, a job, food on the table, good health.

Now during Christmas, as with all holidays, families will gather in celebration of the many blessings that life has bestowed upon them. They take this time above any other to remember and cherish one another.

The Scheurer family of Beulah – Lee, Susan and their daughters, Stephanie and Lyndsey – know more about counting their blessings than most young families should. This Christmas, as with each previous Christmas of their lives, they will be together and most thankful for that blessing.

Just eight years ago in the month of April 2000, being together for the rest of their lives wasn’t a sure thing after all. That’s when Lee suffered a brain aneurysm.

The doctor held out little hope for Lee as Susan was told that her husband might not survive. Then to complicate matters, the brain aneurysm caused a stroke that left more damage behind in the aftermath. The doctor said again that Lee probably wouldn’t survive, but if by some miracle he did make it, he would never walk again because of paralysis to his left side.

The doctors who made those early predictions knew medicine, but they didn’t know Lee. They didn’t know that what lay inside this young husband and father was a faith with strength and determination to live.

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