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December 30, 2014

Counterfeit money found in Beulah

By Chris Erickson

Three counterfeit bills found just before Christmas have the Beulah Police and local businesses on the lookout for more potential bad cash.
According to Beulah Police Chief Frank Senn, the money was found to be counterfeit when a local business turned it into an area bank.
“We had $250 turned into the local bank - two $100 bills and one $50 bill,” Senn said. “We are encouraging the public to be vigilant and to check their bills.”
Senn stated that a major counterfeiting technique being used now was that of bleaching down $1 notes and reprinting higher denominations on them.
“If money isn’t the normal color than it’s a good chance that it’s counterfeit,” he said. “We will be assisting the U.S. Secret Service with the investigation. The $100 bill is the most counterfeited bill in the world.”
According to Senn, the police department would be formally requesting a class be held locally by the Secret Service to instruct individuals on how to identify funny money. A prior class was held by the agency at the Beulah Civic Center the last time counterfeit bills were found in the city.

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