October 1, 2014

County approves final prelim budget

By Chris Erickson

County commissioners met early Tuesday for one last review of the budget before their final approval of it mid-week.
County Auditor Shana Brost said no changes were made to the budget that hadn’t been spoken about in regular budget talks throughout September.
Brost said that the mill levy itself dropped from 103.11 for 2014 to 90.89 for 2015.
Total expenditures for the 2015 year are estimated at  $27,112,151.76. Total revenues are estimated now at $26,962,605. Total cash on hand at the end of this fiscal year makes up that perceived difference at $160,024.
On the revenue side, the total general fund was $4,426,709.
Total special funds regarding accounts of: County Building, Building Fund, Document Preservation, Mercer/Oliver Youth Bureau, Game & Fish, Township Roads, MMCTF Drug Restitution, County Road, Unorganized Road, State Highway, Aid to Secondary Roads, Social Services, Comprehensive Health Care, Library, Historical Society, Commission on Aging, Water Resource District, Custer Health, Emergency, Mercer County 911, Ambulance, Veteran Service, Social Security, Health Insurance, Airport, County Agent, Pesticide Fund, Weed Control, Weed Control Special Fund, CD Interest, Passbook Savings Interest, County Fair, County Corrections, and Landfill.


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