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November 1, 2017

County Auditor speaks to social media issue

By Daniel Arens

One Mercer County commissioner’s continued use of social media, against the wishes of the other commissioners, became the subject of a tense commission meeting.
Shana Brost, Mercer County auditor, spoke before the commission Oct. 18 to discuss Commissioner Dwight Berger’s use of a Facebook page, “Connie Citizen,” to post videos and commentary on commission meetings.
Brost said that, while commissioners were able to have their own Facebook pages, they could not use that platform to attack other commissioners or employees of the county. She said the Connie Citizen page posted “agendas, video, and inappropriate information” for viewers.
“The Social Media Policy states: ‘All employees are to be respectful to the organization, other staff members, elected officials, vendors, and business partners,’” Brost said. “It also states: ‘If you come across positive or negative remarks about the county or county related services that you believe are important, please forward this information to your supervisor or the auditor.’ As the county auditor, I feel there are a few social media posts that need to be addressed with the board. Social media includes all means of communicating or posting information or content of any sort on the internet, including your own or someone else’s post, whether or not associated or affiliated with Mercer County.”

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