December 11, 2013

County dispatch center upgrades complete

By Chris Erickson

Sheriff Dean Danzeisen said that after a year and two months the dispatch center and emergency management communications system was up and running.
“It works really well and we haven’t had any issues so far,” Danzeisen said. “It’s been 14 months since we started this and finally hav eall the desks and equipment and everything in place. It’s state-of-the-art and a lot easier to operate by far.”
According to Danzeisen, the Sheriff’s Department had also received a grant that would allow for an X-Ray machine to be placed in the courthouse.
“That’ll enhance our security with the court,” he said. “It will also take a little less time to get through.”
The new communications system allows for more efficient communication not only in the county detention center but throughout the county. Danzeisen noted that further updates to the jail would include eventually closing the exercise yard to prevent contraband from entering the facility.
“Our issue in the last year is that our clientele has changed considerably,” he noted. “It’s moved to a whole different group of people who seem not to be able to be rehabilitated. I’ve seen judges during that course of time set bail higher, so they’re not getting out.

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