March 1, 2017

County gathers to talk flood plans

By Kate Johnson

Mercer County Emergency Manager Carmen Reed called city and county officials together in order to communicate about flood plans. Reed did discuss current levels and the shape the county is currently in looked good. However, this was a time for cities to share and discuss their plans as well as getting everyone on the same page.
City officials, fire chiefs, water board members, county commissioners, city council members, and many others from Beulah, Hazen and Zap came to take part in the discussion. Reed opened the meeting by discussing the current snow levels and how she believes the melt is currently going. When the meeting occurred last week she reported snow levels and coverage being down and water levels looking good.
“The water didn’t rise, there was some concern about the rivers rising too fast, but they didn’t,” said Reed, who checks the levels often.
She also reported of speaking with Lake Ilo’s manager who had begun releasing water at a very slow rate to help get rid of the area’s snow-covered ice that is on Spring Creek. She reported that the Spring Creek and the Knife River were at very low levels with water running under the snow-covered ice. She also stated that there was no significant runoff entering the creek or river, which means the ground is soaking it up. Reed also mentioned the rivers’ sizes and that they have enough room in them.

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