August 12, 2015

County grants financial support to WARC in Beulah

By Daniel Arens

In the midst of debates over costs for a variety of projects and an expensive courthouse and jail expansion project looming in the future, there are still some organizations whose good work is worth supporting even when budgets are tight.
The Mercer County Women’s Action and Resource Center (WARC) is a crisis intervention center in Beulah for women who have been sexually abused or raped. WARC provides counseling, therapy and support groups, as well as shelter and crisis housing for victims of sexual abuse. The organization also has a food pantry.
The WARC program has largely been funded in the past by an oil impact grant. This year, the amount of money WARC received from this annual grant decreased from $19,000 to $8,000, and the organization will have to make up that difference.
Lisa Weisz, director of WARC, came to the Mercer County Commission meeting August 5 to ask for aid from the county in covering some of the cost. Weisz said she has already asked the City of Beulah for some help as well, and she will approach Hazen in the future.
Weisz said that, in terms of the organization’s overall budget, WARC will be short nearly $32,000. Much of this shortage comes from personnel, who are often paid overtime for their services. Specifically, there have been several individuals staying with WARC as part of the shelter and crisis housing program who must have access to staff 24/7.

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