August 13, 2014

County inches forward on Sakakawea Estates road

By Chris Erickson

The road to Sakakawea Estates found its way back into the Mercer County Courthouse last week when residents came to Stanton to try and get a handle once and for all on who owns the road itself.
Dennis Rolhfs spoke to the commission on behalf of the gathered residents, noting first that two letters from a prior state’s attorney stating that it was a county road.
“We’ve established that the road itself is not just for the residents of Sakakawea Estates,” Rolhfs said. “That’s a public road that’s used for fishing in both the summer and winter. There’s a business at the end of the road. It’s not just residents that use the road.”
He added that the plot of land carried with it the burden of ownership in this case, Mercer County.
State’s Attorney Jessica Binder said that as time had gone on, more pieces of the puzzle were coming together. She said that the subdivision predated any planning and zoning ordinances, and any right-of-way donation didn’t necessarily make it a county road.
Referring to a transportation department map of the area, Binder noted that part of the road in question wasn’t even listed.
“So the plot thickens, is the best way to sum this up,” Binder said. “I don’t know what authority the state’s attorney at the time was making this or if it was on board action or what. I don’t know.”


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