September 13, 2017

County investigation stresses anti-harassment

By Daniel Arens

For Mercer County commissioners, department heads, and employees, accusations and feuds have caused headaches for several years. In such an environment, concerns grew over how well the different entities making up the county government could work together to carry out the affairs of the county.
The issue came to a head this summer, when Sheriff Chad Kaiser, Stutsman County, was brought into Mercer County for an independent investigation of the various accusations. Kaiser’s involvement was the result of a unanimous decision of the Mercer County Commission July 5 that called for Mercer County Sheriff Dean Danzeisen to bring in another county sheriff to head this investigation.
During a commission meeting Sept. 6, Danzeisen spoke with the commissioners regarding the letter Kaiser sent out following the conclusion of his report. Danzeisen asked if the commissioners had any questions about it.


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