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November 15, 2016

County P&Z look to protect landowners

By Kate Johnson
Mercer County Planning and Zoning board chairman Troy Sailer brought up a way to protect land owners in cases of contractors laying utilities. Sailer opened the discussion and said he had some personal issues with this recently. He informed the board that current contractors laying fiber on his land are approximately 50 feet from his fence line in some areas and maybe two feet from his fence line in others.
Sailer explained to the commission members that having those utilities so close to the fence line isn’t proper, in that if you were to fix the fence later on, there is a high potential for digging into that line.
Commission members questioned Land Use Administrator Collette Schilling as to any current ordinances.
“I did a whole bunch of digging, and the only thing that comes up is your right-of-way, which is 33 feet from the center line,” informed Schilling.

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