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November 25, 2014

County reminds residents about snow clearing routes

By Chris Erickson

With the first snow out of the way, county officials are asking residents to be patient this winter with snow clearing procedures, as specific priorities were in place.
County Highway Superintendent Ken Miller said that although county crews didn’t have to worry about Highways 49, 200 or 1806, there were still hundreds of miles of road to clear throughout Mercer County.
“That’s all of our county blacktop roads and gravel collector roads,” Miller said.
According to county road maps that amounted to dozens of miles of blacktop road on County 20, County 5, County 26, County 21, County 19 and more.
“We’ve got to get those roads open first, and then once that’s done move onto the gravel roads going into the cities,” Miller said. “Once those are done then we clear the secondary gravel roads. And we don’t clear private roads unless we’re done with everything else - and then the owner has to pay for it.”
The work is fairly evenly split throughout the county, with two motor graders at the Golden Valley shop, three motor graders and a snow plow at the county shop outside of Beulah and one motor grader stationed at the crossroads east of Hazen.

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