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August 27, 2014

County testy on weeds; SMC makes pitch

By Lee Coleman

Sakakawea Medical Center is in the midst of raising money to help fund the expansion of the center in Hazen. At last week’s Mercer County Commission meeting, the Capital Campaign Committee called on the board of commissioners and requested financial aid in the endeavor.
As with the City of Hazen, the committee requested a gift of $250,000 be considered for the expansion, slated to begin next spring.
SMC CEO Darrold Bertsch and the committee delivered compelling reasons to help fund the project. According to Christie Obenauer, president of the hospital board of directors, Union State Bank committed to the $250,000 gift a day earlier.
But just like the City of Hazen, the upcoming 2015 budget process will have to be tackled by the county before any consideration of funding the gift can be discussed.
“It is a very important project,” said Commission President Gary Murray. “We are in the middle of the budget process and we will take a look at what we can do and get back with you soon.”
Commissioner Bill Tveit addressed the board about a problem with weeds around areas where Southwest Water has laid pipe and not returned the dig site to its original form.
“Southwest Water contractors are doing a poor job of vegetation control where they have dug pipes,” said Tveit. ‘Who is responsible for that? The weed board or Southwest Water?”
The main concern was the lack of reseeding in the area where dirt remained exposed.

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