March 12, 2014

Courthouse ballot item drafted

A nearly $9.9 million decision is getting closer to a vote, and Mercer County Commissioners last week set firm dates for holding town hall meetings to address public concerns.
After lengthy discussion on the topic, commissioners chose to move forward with a special meeting set for this Friday to finalize their decisions on how the project will be funded. They also set dates to explain the project in detail to residents at public forums throughout the county next month.
Currently the measure would pay for construction of additions, modernizations, improvements, and security measures to the Mercer County Courthouse, Law Enforcement Center and Jail, as well as providing furnishings and equipment related to the functioning of those facilities.
According to information made available at the meeting, “The County will fund the project with revenue and savings, revenues from grants, and in-kind services. The balance of the remaining project funds will be paid with loans to be repaid with county general funds annually. Repayment may require a tax increase to replace lost revenues.”


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