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January 28, 2015

Coyote Creek haul road moves ahead

By Chris Erickson

Although questions of safety and road crossings seemed to block the path of one mining company’s haul road application recently, the Mercer County Commission moved it ahead during last week’s regular meeting.
Coyote Creek Mining Company had found resistance at the County Planning and Zoning Commission just one week earlier, when zoning commissioners voted to deny a recommendation to the county level, citing public concerns over safety and a general lack of details on intersections where the haul road would meet public roads in the future.
While some of those concerns were echoed at the county commission last Wednesday, the commission ultimately voted 3-2 to approve the conditional use permit to construct haul roads, ponds and related mining activities.
On hand to answer questions from the commission were Donn Steffan and Sarah Flath, both of Coyote Creek. Commissioner Duane Scheurer, who sits on the Planning and Zoning Commission, noted that although the zoning commission denied the request based on details surrounding any crossings, the crossings themselves would be handled in a future application. Land Use Administrator/Tax Director Gary Emter provided the commissioners with the legal description and general background.
“The majority of the conversation centered around the crossing of County Road 12 and County Road 13 with the haul trucks,” Emter said.
Scheurer added that the public road concerns would be dealt with separately, that the mine would have to approach the commission during a separate permit application.

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