April 22, 2015

Coyote Creek intersection approved

By Chris Erickson

A much debated intersection southwest of Beulah is going to move forward after a public hearing on the topic last week went smoothly.
The Mercer County Commission unanimously approved the application from Coyote Creek Mine in which the company plans to build an underpass where its mine haul road will intersect County Road 12.
Engineering/Environmental Manager Donn Steffan provided background on where the project had begun and a summary of where previous conversations had gone before moving into the details of the proposed underpass to County Road 12. That background included the coal delivery schedule, styles and aspects of bridges, and concerns from Coyote Creek, the county, and the public.
Addressing details of the proposed $2 million plan, Steffan said that the mine had gone with an underpass option for the haul road under County Road 12 as it will be the most practical option. Full design will be completed this year, with a scheduled completion date for the underpass itself of 2016.
The structure for the proposed underpass will be based off what is currently in place at a mine in South Dakota. Steffan said that similar structures were also in place for the railroad to pass under Highway 200 west of Beulah. The structure will be 41 feet high from the underpass roadway to the county road surface. The county road will widen from about 24 feet to 32 feet over the underpass between guardrails.

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