April 19, 2017

Demolition time at Beulah’s Water Plant

By Kate Johnson

Beulah’s Water Plant may look familiar on the outside, but the inside is in shambles. Its current status is demolition, taking all the old items out, removing walls, and getting everything in order to start moving the new items in.
Beulah’s current water plant is run as a lime softening plant; however, they are the midst of making the change to reverse osmosis. With advancing Beulah’s water to newer and better technology, this means everything must go. There are two units that pump the city water. Currently one unit is turned off and being demolished while the other continues to run and feed the city water.
Once the reverse osmosis system is up and running on side one, they will then shift their focus to side two and start all over again, switching the second tanks to the new technology as well.
Moore Engineering is spearheading the project for the city, and Northern Plains Construction has been hired by Moore as the general contractors.
The north side of the building is the first to undergo the most construction. They have stripped all lime softening panels, the slaker system, piping, and the occasional wall. The vessels on the north side have been emptied and will be re-used for the reverse osmosis system. Water Foreman Gary Neuburger said that they are barely keeping anything that was in the building prior to the change.

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