October 12, 2016

DGC construction moving forward

By Kate Johnson

Dakota Gasification Company’s urea project is considered to be 50 percent complete. Senior Project Manager Jim Greer said the site has had a couple major milestones, with the most just passing in early September.
“We crossed the one million hours with no lost time,” said Greer.
In celebration, management cooked burgers and brats for the crew as a thank you. The second milestone was reached just last week and that was because the urea project has hit the halfway point.
“We’re not letting the storage building hold us back,” said Greer, “We still have a live project out here.”
This past July 3 a storm tore through Mercer County. Amongst the damages it inflicted to campers, homes, business, and trampolines, it dismantled the urea project’s storage building. However, the storage building was the only structure to feel the brunt of the storm.
After the storm, DGC did an assessment to make sure there were no injuries and that no one was in the area when the storm blew through. Greer reported that thankfully there were no injuries as a result to the building collapse. They then turned to the other buildings that had been erected, conducting a building assessment across the whole project.

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