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June 14, 2017

Diversion plan set for Lake Shore

By Daniel Arens

Crowded into the space of the Lange Donovan & Kaffer office in Hazen, the Mercer County Water Resources Board met with both representatives of Lake Shore Estates (LSE) and members of the Boeshans family to discuss another option for dealing with water in the region.
Jayme Boeshans is looking at the possibility of tile drainage on his property, which lies to the north of LSE, across from the adjacent road. This would help him drain water on that property.
During previous water board meetings, it was reported the Boeshans family would be interested in the possibility of granting the water board an easement through the edge of their property for the diversion, in exchange for the water board covering the cost of the permit for the drainage.
Corey Haag, Ellingson Companies, provided maps of the area in question, and discussed the specific proposal Jayme Boeshans wished to pursue. Jayme and his father, Jerome, attended the meeting as well.
There are three total possibilities for the tiling, two of which Haag specifically addressed. The first involves creating a gravity drain system which will allow water to flow west to an outlet on United States Army Corps of Engineers property. This is the simplest and least expensive option, but would require Corps approval.

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