December 9, 2015

Dr. Garman receives Physician of the Year

North Dakota Family Physician of the Year: Aaron Garman, M.D.

Dr. Aaron Garman sets a true example of the qualities the North Dakota Academy of Family Physicians expects of those receiving the honor of NDAFP Family Physician of the Year. Dr. Garman has provided quality care to and for his patients and the community for more than 16 years, and is respected by patients, by colleagues, and the community.

Examples of community involvement include responding from the bleachers to assist an injured athlete during local sporting events, as well as service to the nursing home and hospital. In the greater community, Dr. Garman supported the creation of the community wellness center, coining the phrase, “Take the ‘I’ from Illness and replace with ‘We’ for  Wellness.” He truly believes in that theme and makes certain the clinic staff lives and breathes it each day.

During college Garman was training to become a laboratory technician. Upon a dare from a fellow college friend to take  the MCAT (Medical College Admissions Test), Garman rose to the challenge and took it.

Garman applied and was then accepted into medical school. Garman completed his undergraduate work at Minot State University, moved on to the University of North Dakota for medical school, and then on to UND Grand Forks for his residency training.

Garman fell in love with medicine and knew where he wanted it to take him.

“I love every aspect of medicine, but always knew that I wanted to practice in a rural community,” says Garman. “Thus, family medicine seemed to be perfect for me.”

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