February 8, 2017

Elementary students receive postcards from around the globe

By Kate Johnson

Aimee Oyen’s third grade classroom has become the post office of the elementary school. All postcards are shipped to her students and they hand deliver them to the student they are addressed to. Oyen said now, when other kids see one of her students coming, they associate it with their class receiving a postcard.
Why are they receiving upwards of 200 postcards from not only North Dakota, not only the United States, but from the world? Oyen searched for ways to get her older elementary students involved with celebrating 100th day. She thought if they received two postcards from every state, that would be pretty neat for her kids, as well as tie into their most recent lessons: learning about the 50 states and other countries.
The postcards they received turned out to be so much more than she had anticipated. The have received postcards from 41 states as well as Japan, England, France, Germany, the Virgin Islands, Guam, and many more.
“The Virgin Islands one is kind of cool, because she used to work at Bronson’s and some of the kids remember her because of how nice she was,” said Oyen.
Oyen said that a lot of the postcards are coming from relatives, or people who used to live in North Dakota and moved away.

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