October 25, 2017

Energy Wellness Center meets October goal

By Kate Johnson
Passing by the Energy Wellness Center a person can see how quickly the building continues to transform. Project leads stressed an October deadline of wanting to get the walls up so the building could be dried in and starting to heat it before the snow was to hit.
The project has officially completed its first October deadline.
The exterior walls have three layers explained Beulah Park District President Robby Volk. They have completed the inner layer and middle layer and now they will move to completing the final layer, which is the exterior and will be the stucco. Volk said they hope to have that complete in the next two weeks.
Another exterior project the majority of which is complete is the cement work around the building. With the parking lot poured and both sides of the building.
Looking to the inside of the building, Volk said it is really starting to take shape. With the walls of the rooms starting to go up, board members and foundation members are able to see the sizes of each room, while what has been on paper for so long is coming to life.
Volk said he is amazed at how big everything will be, whether that is a conference room, the gymnasium, racquetball court, locker room, or other areas.

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