March 14, 2018

Energy Wellness Center nearing completion

By Kate Johnson

As we edge closer and closer to the time the Energy Wellness Center doors will open, the anticipation becomes unreal. For those who have been waiting months, years or maybe even decades, they are filled with excitement as April closes in.
However, from what the community can see, the building looks like it’s done on the outside and has no idea how far along they are on the inside.
Here’s an inside scoop as to what is done, what’s left and what to expect in the future.

What’s done & left
“The building itself is done,” said Beulah Park District Director Sonja Dutchuk. Over the past weekend all carpet and flooring installation was completed, as well as, all lighting and fixtures are done. In the gymnasium the scoreboard is up, along with the backboards and hoops.

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