November 4, 2015

EPA rule will affect you

By Kate Johnson

North Dakota is facing a serious issue – the Environmental Protection Agency’s new carbon dioxide (CO2) reduction rule -- that threatens the life-style in which people in this community and many others throughout this region will suffer from. The N.D. Department of Health will hold a meeting at 7 p.m. Nov. 12 at the Beulah Civic Center to discuss the new rule and gather input.
North Dakota is projected to see an increase of greater than 25 percent in energy costs, causing a ripple effect to quickly to follow this and generate a great changes, including losing millions in tax money for cities, counties and schools, and thousands of jobs lost.
Can you afford an electric bill of $1,000 a month or more? With shutdown of the surrounding mines, people will lose their jobs. If there isn’t work in the area, people will pick up their families and move somewhere where there is work. If people simply can’t afford to live in this area, again, they will move somewhere they can.
The final rule that was issued Aug. 3 called for a 32 percent decrease in CO2 emissions nationwide. This rule has targeted North Dakota with a 45 percent reduction, which is the third highest reduction in the nation.
The plan that was released by the EPA is more than 2000 pages long. Basin Electric released a statement on this new rule that reads, “[The] EPA’s plan is plagued by unintended consequences, unproven assumptions, and extreme complexity.”

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