July 30, 2014

Excavation begins for New York Life building

By Chris Erickson

The east end of Beulah’s Main Street will seem a bit less empty about six months from now thanks to the plans of a longtime business owner.
Kevin Flaagan, of New York Life Insurance, purchased two lots between the Bloom’n House and a building owned by accountant Ben Lenzen earlier this year. The two lots will allow for Flaagan to build a 30-foot building with 10 feet on either side and have a character all of its own.
“We took some ideas from Union State Bank and from the Bronson’s building,” he said. “The New York Life Building in New York is famous and the top of the building is gold, so I’m going to make the top of this new building gold. I want it to be known here as The New York Life Building.”
According to Flaagan, the new location would allow for a larger workspace, with much more natural light.
“The front of the building will have more glass, which will open things up,” he said. “I’d like to hire another agent at some point in the future.”

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