November 30, 2016

Expert ‘localist’ Kimber Lanning coming to Beulah

Think. Buy. Be Local in Beulah
By Kate Johnson

Kimber Lanning has dedicated her teaching to educating communities on how to be strong, vibrant, and inspire a higher quality of life. Vision West North Dakota, the Beulah Chamber of Commerce, and Mercer County Economic Development invite all to come and learn about the benefits and opportunities to grow and diversify Beulah’s local economy.
On Dec. 12 Kimber Lanning will be making her well-known presentation at the Beulah Civic Center to anyone who wishes to join. The presentation will go from 2-4:30 p.m. The Beulah Chamber has been working with Vision West to create a campaign that emphasizes the importance of buying local. For every $100 spent at a local business approximately $67 stays within that community. When spending the same amount of money at a big box store, only $32 will stay local.
Lanning is a business owner of three small businesses and founder of Local First Arizona. She is passionate about community inspiration to create a vibrant rural community. Local First Arizona was created to educate communities on the economic benefit thinking local, being local, and buying local have on a small town community.
Lanning works to inform and educate consumers by motivating them to support local enterprises, and encourages public policy that allows local businesses to thrive within their communities.

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