August 17, 2016

Extensive efforts to find English teacher

By Kate Johnson

Beulah High School Principal Kevin Hoherz explained to the Beulah School Board that he called all the colleges within North Dakota several times and still came up short finding an English teacher. An English teaching position has been posted for the high school since March, and still no quality applicant has come forward.
“They go to Bismarck, Fargo, Grand Forks, and Minot, that’s what we’re up against,” said Hoherz to the board.
He explained that he called all the colleges several times. First was to put the job out there and hopefully hear something back. The second call he made he said he was begging to find a teacher. The third time he called he said he changed his angle and requested student teachers. Hoherz even guaranteed them a job second semester.
“I said we’d switch their teaching assignments and they said no, they were happy where they were at,” explained Hoherz.
Hoherz attempted to come up with a solution for the vacant position and reached out to Fargo North High School, asking them for their list of applicants. With the list of 15 applicants, Hoherz called every one that Fargo North didn’t hire. He soon found out who had taken other jobs in the meantime and who was still without a teaching position. Eight had already signed to teach at other schools.
Hoherz called the remaining applicants again July 1, finding out that four more had taken jobs in the meantime.
“The other ones did not want to leave the Fargo area,” said Hoherz to the board.
Although a couple applicants were married with husbands who had jobs in Fargo, two chose to stay at their local jobs not using their college educations.

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