June 21, 2017

Family night makes a splash

By Carley Haugen

Beulah Water Park has started up a program that has never before taken place at the new location. Twice now, the pool has put on “family night” for local families. The event is intended to encourage parents to join their kids at the pool and bring in more members of the community.
Hannah Obrigewitch, one of Beulah Water Park’s managers, pointed out that she used to attend the event as a kid when it was held at the pool’s previous location. The event has never been introduced at the new location until now.
“We tested it out last Monday and we thought it went pretty good, so we did another one this week,” she said. “So far we’ve been getting a lot of good feedback.”
The cost is five dollars for a whole family, including all children, parents, and grandparents; or if the family has a season pass, it is covered under that as well. Children must come with their families in order to coincide with the whole idea of family night.
“We’re not trying to set it like every single Monday, but if the turnouts are still good then we’ll continue to do more,” said Obrigewitch.


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