November 10, 2015

FFA places third at Nationals

By Kate Johnson

Beulah’s FFA team came away from nationals with lots to carry. The young men were nothing but prepared for this major event, placing third as a team overall and placing first in the welding division, as well as receiving three different scholarships. The Agricultural Mechanics and Technology team included Calvin Aichele, Isaac Ripplinger, Al Schwalbe, and Alec Battest, along with Vocational Agriculture teacher and FFA advisor Tim Aichele. The team and their adviser felt their substantial amounts of preparation was what brought them the outcome they received.
“I would say all four of us were well prepared all thanks to Mr.Aichele,” Battest said. “He pushed us ever since we won state in June.”
The preparation begun last year, when Tim Aichele was readying his 2014 team for FFA Nationals. Even though these boys weren’t heading there themselves, they still came to the workouts Tim Aichele was putting the 2014 team through.
“They had this as a long-range goal” Tim Aichele said.
It was a combination of the boys’ drive and determination, and Tim Aichele’s leadership, that carried them along to place in the top three in the country.
Driving down to the competition held in Louisville, Ky., was somewhat of a quiet trip. Experiencing constant rain and road construction only bothered one person, the driver, Tim Aichele. The boys kept their noses in their books and laptops, constantly going over the study guides and material they brought for the long haul.
Once they arrived at the competition, Tim Aichele had gone as far as he could go. Knowing his job was over, all he could do was await the outcomes.
“I’m just sitting there twiddling my thumbs waiting for them,” said Tim Aichele, constantly anticipating the boys emerging through the testing rooms doors. The young men were their own biggest critiques in how they thought they did.

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