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May 17, 2017

First Graders’ annual tree planting

By Kate Johnson
Beulah Elementary School’s first grade classes took a step outside last week and talked trees. Sarah Tunge, Mercer County Soil Conservation District, talked to the classes about trees and their importance. Tunge had done the hard work and already dug a hole where the tree would be planted.
She asked the first graders’ questions as to what trees need to survive, even holding a worm out in front of them -- which all eagerly asked if they could hold. However, this worm had a job he would be doing.
Tunge pulled the tree out to show the students, asking what it was. Most of the students thought the tree was dead. However, she showed them the little bud at the top of the tree, which was what was going to bloom.
She placed the young tree in the hole and began to move the soil over the hole. Tunge then asked the students what she should do with the top piece that still had grass.
They learned that placing the grass facing down allows the tree to have more moisture, since the grass isn’t absorbing the moisture and taking it away from the tree.


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