July 15, 2015

First Security Bank-West Celebrates 100 Years

By Baelee Butts

On August 1, 1938, the First State Bank of Zap was renamed the Bank of Beulah. This was because the German State Bank failed in 1938 and the First State Bank of Zap moved to Beulah and, from then on, the changes commenced. The board of directors included T.F. Zimmerman, A.T. Zimmerman and Ludwig Fuchs until 1955, when the Bank of Beulah was sold to F.K Flemmer, D.H. Dettmann, and Robert Keogh, Sr.
With the change of the boards also came the change of the building. In 1956 the wooden two-story structure was demolished and a 25-foot by 100-foot brick building was established in its place. The old building was one of the oldest in Beulah and was almost considered a landmark in the community. However, they celebrated the new building with a public open house September 15, 1956.
In 1963 the bank expanded by building on an adjacent lot, known as the old Main Bar Building, and added another 25-foot by 100-foot addition. Due to the growing demand of modernization the 30-foot by 50-foot drive-up was added in 1978.

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