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May 10, 2017

Fisketjohn discusses county agreement

By Daniel Arens

Ongoing conversation over the last few years concerning the Bayview Heights subdivision and the county government’s obligations took a new turn.
Luanna Fisketjohn, Bayview Heights, has approached the Mercer County Commission several times to discuss her views of the county’s responsibilities regarding the subdivision, which is located just west of Pick City on Lake Sakakawea.
Fisketjohn maintained that, because the residents of Bayview Heights are county taxpayers, they are entitled to receive certain county services, specifically help with a chip seal on the road.
The county commission argued that giving such help to Bayview Heights would prompt other subdivisions to request similar help with their roads or other projects, something the county could not afford. They worried that they would set a precedent for use of taxpayer money in those circumstances.
During a county commission meeting May 3, Fisketjohn again approached the commission. Other residents of Bayview Heights, as well as Steve Hoetzer from the neighboring Cabin Site #2 subdivision, also attended the meeting.

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