July 26, 2017

Four-year-old to fish in DWC

By Kate Johnson

Jayda Starck is only four years old, and she will be competing in this year’s Dakota Walleye Classic. Her father, Abraham Starck -- who won the DWC is 2015, has chosen her to be his right-hand fishing partner for the weekend.
Both of his daughters have been his fishing buddies since the day they were old enough to come along with.
“She spends more time in the boat than anybody else probably ever … she probably knows more stuff than she should for being of that age,” said Abraham.
In the past, Abraham has fished the DWC and Governor’s Cup with his dad or uncle. He has been fishing the DWC since 2012 and the Governor’s Cup since 2009.
Last year he took Jayda up to the water to pre-fish with him all week leading up to the tournament. Come tournament time, the morning of he hopped into his vehicle and hauled his boat up to the lake alone.
For Jayda, this was a horror of a sight to see. When she rose and saw that not only was her dad gone, but the boat was gone, too, the tears began fall.
Abraham said while they had pre-fished that week the weather was in the 90-degree category and Jayda was content enough to fish all day long. Over the course of her life she has fished in less competitive tournaments, with fishing being a family affair.


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