February 10, 2016

Frustrations grow high for city P&Z

By Kate Johnson

Planning and zoning was recently presented with an issue that didn’t leave them feeling very good. City Coordinator Russ Duppong learned there was a new manufactured home sitting in a lot on East County Road that was not there before. Not knowing about this new home created a tide of issues for Duppong, as well as the planning and zoning board. The home, where it currently sits, is in a flood plain and did not have the correct permits in order to be placed there.
Somehow this home went through all other legal requirements and the information that was later presented by the city officials was never a topic. All planning and zoning members agreed there should have been red flags throughout the process.
Julie Erickson recently moved and installed a manufactured home on her mother’s land, after moving the house that once sat there for many years. Written into Beulah’s flood plain ordinance, it is required to have a foundation. Erickson, alongside Fran Armstrong, made it clear that in all the years of residing at that residence there has never been a flood or water issues. Whether that was the case or not, the home still sat in what is a designated flood plain.
In order to get the new manufactured home in compliance, it would have to be picked up once again while they placed a foundation underneath. Duppong recommended to Erickson about the possibility of calling Centennial Homes – the company Erickson purchased the home from – to see if they would elevate the house on timbers and get the runners poured underneath, ultimately not needing the house to be moved all together.
Erickson was given until the second week in October to resolve her situation. Duppong mentioned that this situation should have been caught by Erickson’s mortgage company.
“They didn’t recommend it at all. Neither did my home owner’s insurance or flood insurance,” rebutted Erickson.
Resolving the issue, the board went to carry on into other items on the agenda. However, Planning and Zoning Board Member Gary Teske was not finished with this topic.

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