September 30, 2015

Future direction of ambulance

By Daniel Arens

In the wake of internal conflict within the Mercer County Ambulance Service, the board hopes to begin a new chapter for how the service is handled.
The board has not met since the beginning of the month, when Ambulance Manager Angie Sayler resigned her position. Sayler’s resignation came after continuing contention and disagreement between Sayler and the board over budget concerns, employee and volunteer morale, and spheres of authority within the service.
Throughout the month, several people from different levels of the service have stepped up to help manage the day-to-day concerns of the organization and ensure the service can provide quality care during the transition period. The board at several points praised those who have volunteered their time to help handle the changes.
Codi Soland and Marcy Rohr, on top of their ordinary positions within the ambulance service, have been serving as kinds of interim managers. They have been sorting through the information stored in the manager’s office and computer to try and maintain the functioning of the board, while also hoping to figure out some of the confusion that has characterized management interaction with the board. For the present, the board intends to keep them in the interim period and waiting to hire a full-time manager.
Marcia Steffen has also been lending part of her time to help the service find its feet again. She has been sorting through the budget for the ambulance board. Steffen has focused on ensuring September’s budget is clear and correct, hoping that she can use a solid budget to backtrack effectively through previous months, where the financial standing of the service has been in question.

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