December 11, 2013

Future of land use heard by city zoning

By Chris Erickson

Beulah has grown considerably in the past few years, with more growth likely to come in the future. Last week the city’s planning and zoning board members sat down with representatives from Interstate Engineering about the development of a land use plan proposal.
Engineers Daren Peterka and Travis Dillman were on hand to share proposed details and answer questions about the land use plan, noting that discussion with the board would greatly help the final proposal.
Chairman Wes Gunsch stated such a plan would be useful in that it could help planners look ahead when there were fewer options in what land was available. Peterka noted that the plan could additionally help identify opportunities and challenges.
“That means identifying the strengths and weaknesses of utilities that the city and other entities in the area have to offer and curtailing those so that you get appropriate development in appropriate places,” Peterka said. “You don’t want a bunch of heavy commercial or water and power usages on one side of town if the facilities for supplying those are on the other side of town. Use what you have to develop things where they should go and identify weaknesses so that if you need to improve those systems you can certainly do that for future developments.”


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