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February 18, 2010

Garbage concerns divide Beulah City Council

A discussion of whether or not new garbage containers would make collection more efficient overshadowed concerns about the future of Beulah’s sewage lagoon at Monday’s Beulah City Council meeting.

In the past the city has tried to replace its garbage trucks on a five-year rotation. The current truck is seven years old. Councilman Herb Dittus reported that three bids for a new garbage truck ranged from $136,000-$139,000. He told the other council that this was higher than the $100,000 cost he had been expecting. The city has set aside $80,000 for the purchase and was expecting the trade in value of the current vehicle to cover the remaining value of the new truck. Dittus said the council would need to look elsewhere in the budget to cover the shortfall.

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