January 13, 2016

Golden Valley welcomes housing

By Kate Johnson

Monday, Jan. 4, the Golden Valley City Council granted a conditional use permit to Gail Van Buren. Van Buren is bringing in seven of his personally designed mobile homes to sit in Golden Valley’s Trailer Court located beside Railroad St. Each housing unit will have six bedrooms with their own bathrooms. Each bedroom is equipped with a queen-size bed, a TV and DVD player, and a small fridge, as well as its own heating and cooling system.
“My buildings are meant to look like homes. They are not a crappy man camp,” says Van Buren about his homes.
Van Buren discussed how he knows this area and made reference to 1989, when he purchased housing in Beulah for the Gasification Plant.
“We’re not people who just came in to take advantage of the area,” exclaimed Van Buren.
The facility that was pitched to the Golden Valley City Council came in only lightly opposed.
“Most of the comments were favorable,” says Golden Valley Mayor Deen Brecht, also estimating eight-to-10 community members in attendance.
With the seven homes with six bedroom/baths in each facility, the property has potential for around 42 employees to reside there. Each home has a common area that has a kitchen, lounge, flat screen TV and leather couches.
Having a kitchen and no cafeteria allows employees to invest in the community. Van Buren discussed how that is their motive for employees and residents to feel at home and be invested in the surrounding community.
The facility is not fenced in, no cafeteria, no housekeeping, and no on-site manager. The piece of land being used has been leased, and city council did not ask for a bed tax.

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