September 7, 2016

Good quality but low commodity prices

By Kate Johnson

Some are becoming pleasantly surprised when harvesting their fields. Max Miller, a farmer/rancher outside of Hazen, said some of his crops have been above the expectations he had for them because of how dry things were becoming. Miller actually began to ponder if he should cut his small grain for hay when the rain started, which was a huge positive for his small grain.
Craig Askim, North Dakota State University extension agent, said the yields have really depended on when farmers got things planted. With small grain almost finished being harvested, it was dependent on when it caught the rains or when it didn’t. Askim also mentioned barley yields are being reported as having done well this year.
The real issue crop production is having isn’t necessarily with its growth but the commodity prices. “Commodity prices for small grain and barley are quite low,” said Askim. He also mentioned some were able to rally this spring.
The canola crop was reported to be a “mixed bag”; Askim stated that reports came in saying it was too cold for too long and the yields were said to be average. However, Miller stated that his canola did well this year.
“Canola was probably the best canola we’re ever had,” Miller said, also stating as he harvested his flax field, that was looking promising also.

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