May 9, 2018

Governor Burgum at Beulah High School

By Kate Johnson

All eyes were on the front door of Beulah High School last week as North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum buzzed to get in.
Burgum announced a few weeks ago that he would be visiting a school within the state. He gave no indication where he would be heading. Come late Tuesday afternoon, Beulah Superintendent Travis Jordan received a call from the governor’s office telling him that Burgum would be coming to Beulah and would like to shadow a student for the day.
Beulah Junior Phoebe Garman was that lucky student. Shaking the governor’s hand she stated that she only found out about his arrival 20 minutes prior.
The high school junior was followed by not only the governor to class but two news stations, with cameras and microphones; as well as Burgum’s team.
During Phoebe’s study block Burgum was invited over to the middle school to see the Innovation Cafe and interact with the teachers who had the vision for it, as well as the students who were actively working on their projects.

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