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March 1, 2017

Haul road agreements debated by county

By Daniel Arens

During the same meeting in which a permit request from Strata Corporation brought out heated debate, a similar issue arose regarding Trotter Construction, which requests a permit for a gravel pit north of County 20, does not yet have a finalized haul road agreement with the Mercer County Road Department.
Dwight Berger, Mercer County Commissioner, moved to withhold the permit until the agreement is in place. He reiterated that he wants to see these road agreements in place before the companies come to the county commission for the final permit.
“We need to know about this ahead of time,” Berger said.
Ken Miller, Mercer County Road Department Superintendent, spoke with the commission about beafing up the language of the agreements to more forcefully address dust control as well as weed control.
Berger rescinded his motion. However, a completed haul road agreement addressing both weeds and dust is a stipulation that will accompany the renewal of the permit.
Dena Kemmet, North Dakota State University Extension Agent with Family and Consumer Sciences, asked the commission about whether she could take advantage of a new opportunity that was presenting itself to her.


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