June 3, 2015

Heavy rains raising tensions among local homeowners

Cal Wagner owns a home on Cypress Drive in the northeast corner of Beulah. He’s lived in his home for around 30 years by his estimate. In those years, he has had his basement flooded by sewer backup or overland flooding seven times. Last Monday night, he met with the Beulah city council to address his concerns about a water drainage problem seemingly without a solution from the city.
The city response came from Mayor Darrell Bjerke, who noted the city continues to look at options and research with a lot of things on the drawing board.
During his address, a frustrated Wagner told the council that if they were looking for property for a housing development he would be happy to sell them his home, which remains basically gutted on the basement floor due to concerns about more water damage. When Wagner was preparing to leave the meeting, Bjerke commented to Wagner that he should “cross his fingers and pray.”
By 11 p.m. that evening, Wagner and his fellow homeowners in the area where he lives were standing in their driveways looking at water-filled streets where Wagner reported water as high as the fire hydrants, the result of an inch-and-a-half of rain recorded in that area in a short period. He added that he roused the mayor after 11 p.m. to have him come and see what was occurring. Wagner said the mayor came and drove through the area but did not, to his knowledge, stop and talk to anyone.
Some things the city has on their drawing board may add to the water problems in the Cypress area, which lies to the south of new additions platted or being platted by the city. The new Barton Estates (Tumbleweed Addition) and the area known as the “old Boeckel Trailer Court,” now the Energy Addition could all affect the water problems to the south of them.

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