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April 25, 2018

High school searches for computer science volunteer

By Kate Johnson

Beulah High School has realized they – and many other schools – have a hole in their curriculum.
It isn’t from a lack of trying or willingness to fill that hole, but there is a limited talent to fill a vacant position.
Only 40 percent of schools in the United States teach computer science. Currently there are over 500,000 computer science positions open with no one to fill them. Why?
Beulah High School Principal Kevin Hoherz said that typically if a person was to major in computer sciences, they don’t go into teaching. “We’ve been looking [at our curriculum] and noticed our computer sciences area is lacking and we don’t have a certified teacher to teach it, so we can’t offer computer science courses,” explained Hoherz.
He said after noticing the curriculum hole in Beulah, Hoherz approached high school teacher Jeremy Brandt, who teaches business and marketing currently at the high school.
Oddly enough Brandt actually started out his schooling desiring a computer science degree but switched in the middle of his education. Being approached with the ability to now teach computer science sparked his interest.

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